🌠Introduction (BETA)

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Superform is a powerful JavaScript library that allows you to create fully customizable and advanced forms inside your Webflow website without any coding knowledge required. With Superform, you can create both simple single-step forms and complex multi-step forms with advanced input validation, dynamic outcomes, and point-based completion.


With advanced input validation, multistep options, dynamic outcomes, point-based completion, and more, Superform is designed to make form building easy and efficient, without requiring any coding knowledge.

🎨 Customizable Design

With the power of Webflow, create fully customized forms that match your brand and style.

🔍 Advanced Input Validation

Ensure input is correct with required, character or words, checkboxes, email and password format checks.

🚶 Multistep or Single Step

Use Superform for simple single-step forms or complex multistep forms.

📝 Value Recall

Display values from previous steps at any point in the form.

🔮 Step Teleport

Allow users to skip ahead or go back to any step of the form they want.

🎲 Dynamic Outcomes

Create different endings based on the user's answers or progress.

🏆 Point-Based Completion

Gamify your form with point-based completion and different results. 📊 Progress Detection: Progress bar adapts automatically to the user's progress, even if they skip around.

🚫 No-code

Control everything with attributes only, no coding knowledge required.

⚡ Superfast & Lightweight

Lean and efficient, pure vanilla JavaScript, only ~3kb (min & gzipped).

💻 Integrates Everywhere

Don't ruin your workflow. It is still a Webflow form, but supercharged 💖.

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